China Team 2018 Season New Jersey

After the release of the new jersey in the afternoon, the discussion of fans and equipment fans on the Internet was very enthusiastic, and the first batch of media that had reported first reported their opinions. To sum up, many fans still think that this is Nike’s “template” product, lack of design sense, like training suits, no Chinese elements at all; while other fans are concentrating on the new football shirt, think that color matching is very Chinese Features, followed by Nike’s equipment for the Chinese team is the same Vapor Match player version as the world-class national team, which is Asia’s premier sponsorship, even higher than the South Korean, Saudi and AFC members who played this summer’s World Cup. Australia. In fact, both views are very understandable. Each time a new jersey is released, both support and dissent are coexisting, regardless of the country, the league, or the brand. In addition, many fans regretted that the new 2018 China National Team “Black Dragon” away jersey failed to officially score at the press conference. It is very likely that this jersey will not be on the official stage. How can a jersey that is recognized as a design be “denied”? As for the away game, it was even more amazing. It was changed to black as the main tone, and it was matched with the winding dragon pattern. The overall domineering. For the design of the new jersey, some people applauded and some people spit. Some fans think that the dragon jersey of the away jersey is called “tattoo”.

It is said that the player “tattoo turmoil” has just passed, and the official has even produced a set of “tattoos”. If you want to talk about the appearance, you can’t avoid the design problem, and you will return to the focus of everyone’s spit, but look at the new home jerseys provided by Nike for each sponsored national team in 2018, all of which are single, simple but iconic traditional colors. the design of the home shirts of top teams such as Brazil, France, England, the Netherlands, Chile, and Poland are also traditionally designed for large-scale light panels. Therefore, the appearance of the new home jerseys of the Chinese national team is not unacceptable. The new home jersey chose the iconic red and yellow collocation to present the prosperous prosperity of China. The five stars in the jersey chest emblem are derived from the Chinese flag, and the dragon and phoenix totems symbolizing traditional Chinese culture. A woven strip appears behind the simple design collar, embodying the supreme imperial Chinese dragon pattern appearing on the inside of the collar, complementing the design in the team logo. The Chinese female football coat uses a phoenix pattern. In addition, Nike has also designed a new printing system for the Chinese national team. The player name and number font are inspired by Chinese characters, and the number is also decorated with a dazzling dragon scale pattern. It should be noted that Nike provides the Vapor Match version for the national team players. The whole jersey shows excellent details with 3D knitted fabrics under the support of Vaporknit. For example, the sleeves are red and yellow.

The effect, such as the jersey front ventilation area, these details are very different from the fan version of the jersey, almost no comparable, but the reality is that Nike does not intend to release the player version of the new Chinese home jersey. As an important element in the badge of the Chinese Football Association, Dragon and Phoenix are also magnified and used on the inside of the jersey collar, representing the men’s and women’s football teams. This is at least better than South Korea, and the design of the player version and the fan version are the same. . Continuation of the Nike 2018 new home jersey design style, the appearance of the Chinese national team 2018 home jersey is also very simple, the red body does not have any decoration, the jersey collar is designed with a three-dimensional embossed dragon pattern, this is the Chinese men’s soccer team Symbols symbolize unity, endeavor, and new life. Behind the collar is a yellow elastic fabric strip that allows the athlete to stretch the collar while wearing the jersey. The Chinese character “China” was printed on the top of the strip, showing a sense of national honor.

Objectively speaking, since Nike became a partner of the Chinese Football Association in 2015, the newly released 2018 China team home jersey is the most sincere of the four sets of Nike national football clothes, whether it is the design idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinternational standards or the first-class ball The team’s Vaporknit jersey technology can be seen that Nike attaches great importance to this Chinese national team with a large number of fans and a huge expectation, even if he only has the Asian Cup in the next two years. Even if the player version is not available for sale, this fan version is still very good.

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